Extreme Fears

(Nov 4th-5th at Factory of Terror Fall River)

Extreme Fears is a special event where the actors can touch you and you will be put in more extreme situations than the normal attraction. There is a safe word and a waiver is required for entry.

We limit tickets to the event to ensure that it is a much more interactive experience, so we highly recommend purchasing tickets in advance. If any tickets are left by the day of the event, we will make them available at the door.

WARNING– Extreme Fears is an intense horror attraction experience and is not recommended for anyone under the age of 18.

You may experience:
-Intense and Graphic Situations
-Claustrophobic areas
-Being Restrained
-Psychological Stress
-Periods of extreme darkness


Is Extreme Fears safe?

Yes- our goal with Extreme Fears to is give participants an intense horror experience that pushes the limits of a haunted house in a safe and controlled environment.

Can I touch the actors back?

No- You are signing up for this and any attempt to resist or touch the actors back will result in immediate removal from the attraction.

What happens if I cannot do something that is asked of me?

You will be given a “safe word” at the start of the event. You may say this word to get you out of whatever situation you may be in.

Is Extreme Fears like McKamey Manor or Blackout NYC?

No- Those attractions are basically torturing willing participants under the guise of being a haunted house. Extreme Fears is designed to be an intense, but fun group horror experience.

Do I have to go in by myself?

No- Extreme Fears is designed to be experienced by a small group.

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